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Which Size Garage Door?

1. Up an over garage doors:2. Sectional garage doors.3.Non insulated roller garage doors.4. Insulated roller garage doors.5. Side-hinged garage door:

  1. Up and over garage door
  2. Sectional garage door
  3. Non-insulated Roller garage door
  4. Insulated Roller garage door
  5. Side-hinged garage door
Sectional door type/size Headroom Required
Manual door
Headroom Required
Automatic door
Sideroom Required
(each side) = door width plus
Hormann up to and including 10' 0" wide
Door height + 100mm  Door height + 115mm  90mm
Hormann over 10' 0" wide
Door height + 210mm  Door height + 210mm  90mm
Hormann over 10' 0" wide on Low Headroom Gear
Door height + 100mm  Door height + 115mm  90mm
Carteck single and double width doors 
Door height + 115mm  Door height + 115mm  90mm
Henderson G60 up to 9' 6" wide Door height + 150mm Door height + 150mm 90mm
Henderson G60 over 9' 6" wide Door height + 200mm Door height + 200mm 90mm
Henderson over 9' 6" wide on Low Headroom Gear Door height + 100mm  Door height + 120mm  90mm
Cedar Door Timber Sectional Door height + 200mm Door height + 200mm 70mm
Cedar Door on Low Headroom Gear Door height + 70mm Door height + 70mm 70mm
Wessex Vienna on Low Headroom Gear as Std. Door height + 110mm Door height + 110mm 70mm

  • Steel and GRP (glass fibre) side-hinged garage doors come pre-installed to a fully finished goalpost frame.
  • Timber side-hinged garage doors come as 2 loose leaves for on-site fitting to a separate goalpost frame.
  • Most side-hinged garage doors are fitted between the brick pillars (see diagram below). This allows the doors to open past 90° without the doors hitting the pillars.between brick fit
  • All GRP side-hinged and Cedar side-hinged are made-to-measure as standard at no extra cost. All we need are your brickwork opening sizes.......

  • 1.Brick to brick width
    2.Floor to underside of lintel height
  • Garador steel side-hinged doors (pre-framed) come in a range of standard sizes. The chart below shows internal frame sizes and external frame sizes. To check if they will fit your opening you need minimum 5mm tolerance each side and above between your brickwork and the external frame size. Made-to-measure sizes also available.

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